Refrigerant R134a (12kg) Gas for sale

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Refrigerant R134a (12kg) Gas for sale

Sale of R 134 refrigerant stock and filled in Germany at a special price

R134a Gas is one of the main products for CFC and HCFC refrigerants.

Used for cooling medium and high temperatures.

R134a is a suitable alternative to R12.

Refrigerant Gas all models available R134a is used:

new generation car air conditioning units
commercial and industrial air conditioning
air conditioning in public transport (passenger trains and buses)
commercial and industrial cooling
refrigerated counters, cold rooms, centrifugal cooling systems, refrigerators, cooling systems for the processing industry, chillers
domestic domestic refrigerators
hydraulics of heat pumps
refrigerated transport
The sale is possible only after presenting a certificate authorizing the handling of the refrigerant.


Refrigerant Gas is used both in pure and mixed form.


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