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Introducing the Best Sunflower Oil in the Market . Sunflower oil is a popular cooking oil in many parts of the world. It has a high smoke point and is rich in Vitamin E. This article will provide information on the different ways to use sunflower oil and where to buy it from.

Why Simply Sunflower is Your Best Choice?

Sunflower oil is extracted from sunflowers as well as other plants such as rapeseed, soybean, and cotton seeds. Sunflower oil has a high smoke point of about 240 degrees Celsius which makes it suitable for cooking at high temperatures without burning or becoming rancid. It also contains vitamin E which helps fight free radicals that can cause cancer and other diseases.
Sunflower oils are used in many dishes such as salad dressing, mayonnaise, or baking because they have a neutral flavor that blends well with other ingredients.


Introduction of the Company and What We Do

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The sunflower oil market is on the rise due to its increasing demand as a healthier alternative to other oils. The demand for sunflower oil has increased over the past few years, especially with the rising popularity of cooking shows and food blogs.

Sunflower oil can be found at most grocery stores for an affordable price.

What is Sunflower Oil? ER-EN Gmbh Sunflower oil supplier in bulk Origin

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How To Cook With Sunflower Oil in 5 Easy Steps

The Health Benefits of Cooking With Sunflowers

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Refined Sunflower Oil / Refined Sunflower Cooking Oil Manufacturer For Sale


Product name Refined sunflower oil
Type Sunflower Oil
Processing Type Refined, Crude
Use Cooking
Packaging Flexi Tanks – 20 Ft Container
Place of Origin USA/ Canada/ Ukraine
Certification ISO
Loading port USA/ Germany/ Ukraine
Delivery time 4-7 day after payment
Shelf life 12 Months


Physical properties:

Appearance No residue at 40 deg. C
Cold test Min.48 hours at 0 deg. C
Colour Max.1.2 red, lovibond tintometer 5/20 inch
Refractive index 1.465-1.475 at 40 deg. C
Density 0.91-0.92 g/cm3 at 20 deg. C
Volatile matter Max.0.07 % at 105 deg. C
Taste Excellent
Odor None – not sensed

Chemical specifications:

%free fatty acids (ffa) Max 0.1
% ash (*) Max.0.05
Saponification value 190.32 koh/g. Of oil
Iodine value 134.13 (wijs-hanus method)
Peroxide 0.2 meq/KG. Of oil
% unsaponifiable matter Max.0.12
Impurities None
 % saturated fat(-ty acids) 8-12
% unsaturated fat(-ty acids) 87-91
Feeding energy 900kcal
Iron < 0.02 mg/lt
Fatty acid composition C14:0 :0.06 C16:0 :5.77 C18:0 :4.1 C18:1 :27.3
C18:2 :59.2 C20:0 :0.27 C18:3 :0.25

Conclusion: The Benefits Of Cooking With Sunflower Oil For Your Diet & General Lifestyle.

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Top 10 Reasons to Buy Our Organic Sunflower Oil
Check Out Why Our Organic Sunflower Cooking Oil is Better Than the Rest
Sunflower oil is a popular edible oil that is used in cooking and preparing food. It is a by-product of the sunflower plant and has many health benefits.
Sunflower oil can be used for cooking, as it has a high smoking point and does not break down when heated. It is also used in various beauty products, such as soaps, shampoos or conditioners.
Sunflower oil for sale can be found at grocery stores or markets for affordable prices.
Sunflower oil is a healthy alternative to other oils in your kitchen. It is rich in oleic acid and linoleic acid and has a light, nutty flavor.
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