VAT No. DE289104547

 SINCE 2011 ( CHINA APPROVED POULTRY MEAT EXPORT TRADER ) located in Charlottenburg (Berlin) , GERMANY.

We are one of the leading frozen meat and poultry, vegetable oils, animal feed exporters in the world. Exports market are very competitive due to the high rate sea freight charges. Our Staffs are here to handle some of the international market difficulties at good freight rates. 

Our distribution service is range with delivery of good quality products from different suppliers as we handle all contracts and commission based transfer are handled by us on behalf of supplier. We are committed in providing.  Buy Frozen chicken feet from Europe Export trader, We sell chicken, beef, pork cuts from the best sourced farm with EU HALAL Standards. Internationally we supply from plants  based in other countries. 

We are ready to deliver.

Our Brands

ER EN GmbH is registered with CHINA customs with GACC Meat registration number 27620000066. Major Brazilian, German and Turkish food brands .

Market Strength

Our company is capable of handling Frozen Foods for sale to Middle East, Europe, America, China and other markets. Reach us on email [email protected]


The growth of Frozen Foods certifications and good quality food standards is the main objective for our company. Partnering with Europe and Brazil based exporters for all valid certifications.

Our Exports

We at ER-EN GMBH we take charge to supply good quality frozen foods from Brazil, Germany , Turkey and other parts of the world with best competitive prices.

Our operation

Sales are permitted solely to retailers, bulk consumers, hotels and restaurateurs and other tradespeople; sales are prohibited to final consumers.

Operating hours: 24 hrs. a day (please refer to each company’s respective opening hours send email for faster correspondence to info[email protected])

Documentation required: Commercial permit, itinerant trading license or registry extract.

Fees: None (for exceptions, see Special Regulations)

Deliveries: 24 hrs. a day (by arrangement with companies) dispatch to seaport or buyer address based on Invoice agreement.

Our quality guarantee

We stand behind every single product, every single time. If you’re not delighted, connect with us and we’ll offer an exchange, credit or refund.
Products include

Fruits & Vegetable Oils
Chicken and Pork Meat 
Meat & Sausages
Fish & Seafood
Other Foods
Flowers & Plants
Wood and Timber

What is The Process Like?

ER EN GmbH in partnership with Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency APEX Brazil further facilitate the distribution of Brazilian Frozen Foods Brands to world market.
Apex-Brazil has ten business offices in important global markets, to assist in the process of internationalization of Brazilian companies, prospect business opportunities and enhance national participation in major global markets. Working with our company in trade agreements and bulk purchases deals is the best form of promotion agreement we participate with in the global markets.


1. Frozen Chicken Export

We supply quality Brazilian and European Frozen Chicken cuts in bulk. Send us email for more details to [email protected]

2. Frozen Pork Export

We supply quality Brazilian and European Frozen pork cuts in bulk. Send us email for more details to [email protected]

3. Frozen Beef Meat Export

We supply quality Brazilian and European Frozen Beef cuts in bulk. Send us email for more details to [email protected]

4. Frozen Fish and Seafoods

We supply quality Brazilian and European Frozen Fish and seafoods in bulk. Send us email for more details to [email protected]

5. Other Agro Products

We supply quality Brazilian and European Agro products in bulk. Send us email for more details to [email protected]

Send us email to [email protected]